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An online accounting software developed in Switzerland for self-employed and small Swiss companies.

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EZYcount provides an easy and secure solution.

Cash Booking

With cash booking, you create entries describing them as inflows or outflows - it's as simple as that! No prior knowledge needed. EZYcount also has all usual booking fuctions including VAT and foreign currencies.


Bank imports

Put your bank account statement in EZYcount to generate automatically bookings. You only need to choose the offset account such as sales, purchase, rent… Save at least 50% of your time.


Anywhere, anytime

EZYcount is a web-based accounting system, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with any electronic device. Use your favorite web browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox to access with your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. You just bought a new tablet or computer? No special installation for EZYcount is required: it is web-based. Have a coffee instead!


We have our clients' trust

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With EZYcount I can enter all my bookings quickly and finalize them later if I’m not sure. I have then a global view of what still need to be done! I’m someone very tidy, EZYcount is clear and well structured. I can clearly see how my accounts are doing.


Elodie Sciboz


We never learned accounting, but with EZYcount, we can close all our accounts easily. It’s a fast and efficient solution. It gives us more time to focus on our business.


Marc & Christophe


I don’t know much in accounting but with EZYcount, I can do it myself easily.




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In EZYcount every subscription starts with 15 day free trial!

CHF  16.50/mo

CHF  198.00/year

A one year subscription for EZYcount accounting incl. technical email support within 48 hours on working days.

unlimited users

access 365 days

CHF  41.50/mo

CHF  498.00/year

One year EZYcount subscription incl. 2 hours support package for accounting year end closing (preferential rate of CHF 150.- )

unlimited users

access 365 days

CHF  70.50/mo

CHF  846.00/year

One year EZYcount subscription incl. 5-hour support package for quarterly control and closing assistance (preferential rate of CHF 130.- )

unlimited users

access 365 days

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"New technologies simplify and make accounting so easy!"

"We want to mix up the accounting market and change its out-dated image. Accounting should be easy, efficient, and fairly priced."

"I enjoy chatting with customers and receiving direct feedback."

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